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We offer the most affordable prices for fingerprinting & drug testing in Florida.
Live Scan Fingerprinting

A- 1 Fingerprinting offers the most affordable Live Scan results in Florida. Our technicians are standing by to fulfill your needs.

Drug Screening

Our state of the art facility utilizes the most advanced forms of drug testing. Our prices are inexpensive and our results are quick and accurate.

Background Checks

Hiring employees is a critical part of your business’s success. Trust A-1 Fingerprinting to run extensive state and federal background checks.

School & Student Drug Testing

A-1 Fingerprinting follows all state and federal standards when it comes to drug screening. Our office is discreet and professional.

Immigration DNA Testing

Testing is often used to verify a biological relationship with a family member for the purposes of obtaining a visa, a passport or citizenship. These are always processed as legal DNA tests and are commonly paternity and/or maternity tests and occasionally siblingship tests.

We offer Mobile Testing & take Walk-Ins

A- 1 Fingerprinting & Drug Screening

We specialize in Live Scan Fingerprinting & Drug Testing

We offer emergency testing, as well as background checks. Take a look at all of our services. We strive to provide you and your business with the most affordable prices in Bradenton and all of Florida.

  • Background Checks

    As a business owner, who you hire says a lot about you and your company. A-1 Fingerprinting provides you the peace of mind you need. Our background checks are thorough, and comply with state and federal guidelines.

  • Biometrics4All Machine

    Live Scan Fingerprinting provides quick, easy, and accurate fingerprinting. Whether you need a rush on a passport, or if you need to clear a background check for work, trust A-1 Fingerprinting to provide you excellent service at the lowest possible price.

  • Emergency Testing

    A-1 Fingerprinting utilizes the most advanced forms of drug screening available. Our state of the art facility is in compliance with all state and federal regulations. Our technicians are trained and certified, providing you with quick and accurate results.

  • Student & School Drug Testing

    A-1 Fingerprinting & Drug Screening understands the sensitivity behind testing our youths. Keeping kids sober and clean goes a long way with bettering a student's chance of success. We are committed to keeping our community clean. Ask us today about our discreet and confidential student and school drug & alcohol testing programs.

Our services are in compliance with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Agency

Our state of the art facility offers you everything you need.
We offer the most up to date forms of fingerprinting, such as Live Scan Finger Printing, as well as the BIOMETRICS4ALL Machine. Contact us today to find out about all of our services. For faster service, you can access pricing right here on our website and you can email us.
Drug Testing
Drug Testing
Our drug testing facility is state of the art. We utilize the most advanced forms of drug screening, which provides you, as an individual or an employer, with quick and accurate results. Our technicians are trained and certified. We are up to date on all state and federal compliance guidelines.

Florida loves A-1 Fingerprinting & Drug Screening

Trust us with all of your fingerprinting & drug screening needs. Our clients love us.

Accurate Drug Testing

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We offer full support as well as emergency testing services.

Affordable Fingerprinting & Drug Testing Prices

Take a look at some of our affordable packages. Please call for more pricing options.

Live Scan Fingerprinting

We Utilize Cutting Edge Technology


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  • Employment Needs
  • Background Checks
  • School & Government Work
  • Emergency Needs
  • Affordable Rates
Live Scan

Drug Screening

Fast & Accurate Results


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  • State of the Art Facility
  • DOT Testing
  • Cutting Edge Breathalyzer Testing
  • Multi-Panel Drug Screening
  • Accurate Results
Drug Testing

Student Drug Testing

Discreet & Confidential School Testing


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  • Confidential Student Testing
  • Professional Medical Testing Environment
  • School Approved Testing Facility
  • Quick Results
  • Pain Free Testing
School Testing

Background Checks

State & Federal Background Checks


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  • Local, State, & Federal Checks
  • Credit & Work History Checks
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • In Compliance with State & Federal Agencies
  • Fast & Accurate Results
Background Checks